If your savings and/or financial aid do not cover the full cost of college, these options might be helpful.

Employer Educational Assistance Programs – Ask if your company offers tuition reimbursement, scholarship programs, or student loan repayment.

College Payment Plans – Many colleges offer a 10- or 12-month payment plan allowing you to use current income to pay college costs. Talk to your college for more details.

Home Equity Line of Credit – This allows you to borrow money as you need it which fits well with tuition payments. Interest may be tax deductible.

The Military – If you’re a veteran, currently serving, or plan to serve, you may be eligible for the G.I. Bill, tuition reimbursement, or student loan repayment. For details, visit gibill.va.gov.

Nebraska Agencies – Certain Nebraska agencies provide education assistance for those who qualify. Examples include Vocational Rehabilitation, Nebraska Workforce Development, and ResCare Workforce Services.

Community College Gap Assistance Program – if you take non-credit courses at a Nebraska community college that could lead to jobs in high-need fields, you might qualify for financial aid if you meet income limitations. For details, visit https://ccpe.nebraska.gov/gap.