Many colleges in Nebraska offer unique programs that help adult learners mix a full-time job with a college education:

Evening courses are an option for those who work during the day.

Weekend programs offer intense coursework on weekends, allowing you to earn a degree in the same timeframe as a full-time student.

Accelerated programs can reduce your time in college by a year or more.

Independent study courses allow you to complete coursework on your own, following your instructor’s criteria.

Online degree programs allow you to complete coursework, participate in discussion groups and submit papers – all via the internet.

Distance learning offers “real-time” classes via a satellite feed or closed circuit television.

Academic transfer programs are for students who wish to complete up to two years of a bachelor’s degree at a community college before transferring to a four-year college. To learn more, visit

CLEP – College-Level Examination Program® – allows you to “test out” of undergraduate college subjects and earn college credit without taking the course. For details, visit

Ask an admissions representative at the college you’re interested in attending about programs they offer.