Exploring careers before you select a college will help you find the school that best fits your career interests and goals.  Follow these steps to get started:

Step 1: Learn more about your interests and skills.

Complete an interest or skill assessment to learn about careers that might be a good match.

Step 2: Do some research.

Research potential careers based on your assessment results.

Review the Career Diagram to learn:

  • Essential skills you need for any type of job
  • The six broad “career fields”
  • The 16 “career clusters” that group careers with similar skills and themes
  • “Career pathways” that lists specific types of careers 

Review career options to understand the education, training, and the unique skills and abilities each job requires.

Step 3: Develop a career plan.

Map out the education and training you’ll need for your future career.

  • Use College Profiles to find schools that offer your potential major(s).
  • Participate in activities that match your career interests, such as community service, job shadowing, and part-time jobs.