Once you have an idea of what you want to study, research colleges that offer an academic program in that area. Here’s how to get started.

Step 1: Learn about the types of college degrees.

Diploma/Certificate – Specialized training that typically takes a year or less to complete.

Associate – A two-year degree offered by community colleges and career schools.

Bachelor’s – A four-year degree offered by colleges and universities.

Master’s – Typically takes 1-2 years to complete after earning a bachelor’s degree.

Doctorate – Earned after completing a bachelor’s or master’s degree.

Step 2: Learn about colleges in Nebraska.

Here’s where you can find details:

  • Nebraska Colleges” lists all colleges and has links to adult learner programs, online programs, and veteran services.
  • College Profiles has details about schools in Nebraska and across the country. 

Step 3. Visit the college(s) you’re interested in attending.

Ask an admissions representative about:

  • Academic programs for careers that interest you
  • Admission requirements and deadlines
  • Alternative class schedules to fit your needs, such as:
    • Online degree programs
    • Evening courses
    • Weekend programs
    • Accelerated degree programs
  • Transferring credits from previous college courses
  • Resources for military veterans
  • Accommodations for a disability

Ask a financial aid representative about:

  • When to apply for financial aid
  • Which FAFSA to complete depending on when you start college

  • The cost of tuition, fees, books, and supplies
  • Scholarships for adult learners 
  • How to pay for housing costs

Step 4: Apply for admission.

As you prepare to apply to the college you selected, be aware that they may request your high school transcript or GED certificate. If you’re a fairly recent high school graduate, the college will ask for ACT or SAT scores. Community colleges may require a placement test such as Accuplacer or Companion.