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If you are interested in leaving a charitable gift to EducationQuest Foundation, there are several ways to give and options as to what your gift will fund.

What you should know about Planned Giving

EducationQuest Foundation is a 501(c)(3) charity, which allows you to make tax-deductible gifts to support our mission of improving access to higher education in Nebraska. Our federal tax ID number is 31-1777710.

Questions to ask yourself after you decide to give:

  • What is the right giving option for me?
  • How much and what do I want to give?
  • What do I want my gift to support?

There are several ways to make a legacy society gift to EducationQuest Foundation.  You can include EducationQuest in your Will or Trust, or you can name us as a beneficiary on your various types of accounts. If you already have a Will or Trust, your attorney can prepare a simple codicil or trust amendment to accomplish your intended future gift.

While EducationQuest Foundation can be a resource for you, you should always speak with your attorney or financial advisor, banker, insurance agent, or retirement plan administrator to properly establish your future gift.

Planned Giving options include:

  • Bequests
  • Appreciated Securities
  • Charitable Beneficiary of your Life Insurance
  • Charitable Beneficiary of your Retirement Plans/IRA

Suggested wording to share with your attorney or financial advisor

“I give and bequeath unto EducationQuest Foundation the sum of $__________ or _____ percentage of my estate (or specific appreciated securities, retirement plan/IRA, or life insurance). EducationQuest Foundation is a nonprofit 501(c)3 corporation (Federal ID number is 31-1777710), organized under the laws of Nebraska, with administrative offices at 1300 O Street, Lincoln, NE 68508. This gift is unrestricted for general foundation purposes.”

Your attorney’s role

Your estate or tax attorney can help you create an estate plan that best utilizes all tax and estate planning options to minimize tax, maximize income, and support EducationQuest Foundation.

EducationQuest Foundation’s role

EducationQuest’s role is to carry forward your gift to benefit the Foundation as you intended, and to publicly recognize donors who have the foresight to make these important gifts. You may designate your gift as unrestricted or for a specific program such as Scholarships, College Planning, or College Access.

Bequest Intention Form

If you feel ready to make a planned give, download and complete this confidential Bequest Intention Form and return it to EducationQuest Foundation Office of Planned Giving, 1300 O Street, Lincoln, NE 68508.

To discuss your wishes and plans, of if you have questions, contact EducationQuest’s Office of Planned Giving at 800-303-3745 or