With a mission to improve access to higher education in Nebraska, EducationQuest monitors and shares college access data to help with our planning efforts, and to help you understand Nebraska’s college access performance and needs. 

College-Going Rate

Nebraska’s 2018 college-going rate was 70.6%.

  • This rate reflects the percentage of Nebraska public high school regular on-time 2018 graduates who were enrolled in college by April 2019 divided by the total number of graduates.
  • The data does not include private high school graduates.
  • The rate is a slight increase from the class of 2017 which had a 70.2% college-going rate.

Sources: Nebraska Department of Education and National Student Clearinghouse

This information is maintained and released by Nebraska’s Coordinating Commission for Postsecondary Education. Find individual public high school information on CCPE’s website. 

High School Graduation Rate

Nebraska’s 2019 four-year high school graduation rate was 88.4%.

  • This rate is calculated by dividing the number of on-time (four years or less) regular high school cohort graduates by the total number of students in the graduation cohort.
  • The data does not include private high school graduates.
  • This is a slight decrease over the 2018 rate of 89.0% and 2017 rate of 89.1%.

Source: Nebraska Department of Education

Find individual public high school information in NDE’s Nebraska Education Profile. 

Nebraska’s Educational Attainment

Of Nebraskans 25 years and older:

  • 9.1% do not have a high school diploma
  • 26.7% have only a high school diploma
  • 23.4% have started college, but do not have a degree
  • 10.2% have an associate’s degree
  • 20.4% have a bachelor’s degree
  • 10.2% have a graduate or professional degree

Source: US Census Bureau, 2013-2017 American Community Survey 5-Year Estimates