5 reasons why you should think about college now

  1. More than 70% of jobs in Nebraska require education beyond high school. 
    • If you want to live your desired lifestyle in the future, you’ll need some type of college education.
  2. There are classes you should take during high school to qualify for college admission. 
  3. If you take dual-credit or AP courses, you can earn college credit while you’re in high school.
  4. There are things you can do now that will help you earn scholarships later. Like…
    • Doing well academically
    • Getting involved in school clubs and activities 
    • Volunteering in your community
  5. Now would be a great time to set up a college savings plan. 

What do we mean by “college?”

When you hear the term “college,” you probably think of a four-year university. But “college” can mean almost any kind of education beyond high school including:

College/University Military
Community college   Technical training
Trade school Apprenticeship

Do it. Track it. Earn it.

Do it. Get involved in school activities and community service.
Track it. Track your involvement using Activities Resume at EducationQuest.org.
Earn it. Your involvement during high school can help you earn scholarships.
Check out this video to see how three young students are making it happen!