Are you following the 4 steps to college?

That’s right… it only takes 4 steps to make college a reality!

  1. Be a pain – in a good way. Ask adults in your life to help guide you to college – and keep asking until you find someone who will.
  2. Push yourself. Register for tough classes in high school and get involved in extracurricular activities.
  3. Find the right fit. Explore your career interests and then research colleges that offer programs in those areas.
  4. Put your hands on some cash. Money will be available to help you pay for college, but you’ll need to apply!

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Stay on track to college

EducationQuest has developed a new College Timeline that tells you what to do throughout the year to stay on track to college.

To access all the features of the Timeline, create a MyEducationQuest account at

How to earn better grades

Use a planner to keep up with homework assignments. 

Take notes in class and while reading. 

Ask questions when you don’t understand the subject matter in class.

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