If you want to go to college, take required courses in high school and sign up for those that will challenge you the most. Watch this video to hear what current college students did to push themselves for college, and things they wish they would have done.

Why you should take TOUGH courses in high school

Qualify for admission into college. Ask your counselor, a parent or another adult to help you set up a four-year coursework plan that will ensure admission into college. Click here for an overview of courses you should take – and to watch fun videos!

Earn scholarships. Many colleges base scholarship awards on criteria such as class rank, GPA, and ACT and SAT scores.

Get higher scores on the ACT. The knowledge you gain by taking tough classes will be helpful on test day.

Impress colleges you apply to. They’ll be more impressed if you earn respectable grades in challenging courses than outstanding grades in easy classes.

Be prepared for college courses. By taking tough courses during high school, you’ll be more likely to succeed in challenging courses in college.

Earn college credit. Ask your counselor about Dual Credit and Advanced Placement courses that may be offered at your high school. They can help you get a head start on college!