Scholarships come from national donors, state and local organizations, and from colleges. Here are different ways you might earn scholarships:

Get involved at school. Clubs or activities such as band, sports and drama may provide scholarships for students who participate.

Volunteer. Many national, state and local scholarships are based on community service.

Excel in school. Colleges and private donors award some scholarships based on criteria such as your ACT or SAT score, your class rank, or your high school GPA.

Qualify for need-based financial aid. If your family’s income is below a certain level (for example, if you qualify for free or reduced lunch at school), you may qualify for need-based scholarships. 

Answer an essay question. Some scholarship applications may have you answer an essay question about yourself or a topic that requires research.

To research state and local scholarships, get acquainted with ScholarshipQuest. You’ll also find links to national scholarship search sites.