How will you know which college will be the best fit for you?

Thinking about your career interests is one way to find a college that’s the best fit. Here’s how to get started…

  1. Make a list of your skills and interests. Think about classes and activities you enjoy and those where you excel.
  2. Learn about jobs that match your skills and interests.
    • Ask your teacher or counselor about career assessment and interest inventory tools at your school.
    • Use these tools to explore careers.
    • Use this Career Diagram to learn about skills, courses, and activities you should pursue for specific career options.
  3. Use Reality Check to match your future desired lifestyle with career choices.
  4. Research colleges that offer a degree or training program in career areas you may want to pursue. Click here to find out how.
  5.  Pursue job-shadowing opportunities in fields that interest you.
  6. Create a career plan to map out steps you should take to reach your goal.

Watch this video to hear how current college students found the right fit.