You want me to BE A PAIN?

That’s right! Tell everyone you know that you want to go to college. Tell your parents, relatives, teachers, school counselor, coach, mentor, youth group leader…you get the idea.  Ask them to help guide you to college – and keep asking until you find someone who will!

Why you need an adult to help you

College doesn’t just happen! Your chances of getting to college will increase when you find an adult who will help you follow the four KnowHow2GO steps. This person can help you:

  • register for the right high school courses
  • discuss potential career options
  • take you on campus visits
  • and – when the time comes – help you with applications for college and financial aid

What if you can’t find an adult to help you?

See “Find Help Near You” for a list of KnowHow2GO partners who are prepared to help guide you to college.

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