Questions to ask the disability services coordinator:

  • What documentation must I bring to identify myself as a student with a disability entitled to reasonable accommodation? How current must it be?
  • How is confidential information handled?
  • Who decides if I qualify for accommodations?
  • Are the accommodations I need available?
  • How much advance notice is needed to have textbooks recorded on tape?
  • Is tutoring provided? What is the cost?
  • Are waivers or substitutions granted to students who, because of their disabilities, cannot pass certain courses, such as foreign languages or statistics?
  • Are basic skills or study skills courses offered? Are they available for credit? Can they be counted as hours toward full-time status? What is the cost?
  • Is there a support group on campus for students with disabilities?
  • Is there an adaptive technology lab on campus?
  •  Will I have both a disabilities advisor and a regular academic advisor? If so, will the two work with each other?

Questions the disability services coordinator may ask you:

The disability services coordinator may ask you these questions. Write down your answers and review them with your IEP manager, a teacher, school counselor or parent.

  • What is your disability?
  • How does it interfere with your learning?
  • How comfortable are you in discussing your disability with teachers?
  • What are your academic strengths?
  • In what areas do you have difficulty or problems?
  • What accommodations will you need?
  • What kind of support services have you used in high school?
  • What was most helpful?
  • Are you willing to work harder than other students to be successful in college?
  • How do you manage your time?